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Tour De Fleece Begins! Restash with a Shop Discount!

Handspun Art Yarn

I love the Tour De Fleece! Every year I prepare by gathering things I’ve been meaning to spin, but just haven’t gotten around too..  things I’ve dreamed out.. things that I’ve wanted to make happen.  I’m offering a shop discount as well for those who are participating!

The Tour De Fleece has grown exponentially every year! It started in 2006 on the Keep on Knitting in the Free world blog, then continued in 2007 on flickr, and then moved to a small ravelry group– which has grown into a very large group- over 4300 large of spinners worldwide! The concept is simple-As they spin, we spin.  We have challenges, and teams.. just like the real Tour!  This year my personal challenge is to actually DOCUMENT my spinning every day!  For me, spinning everyday is a given.. but taking the time to take photos and blog/post on ravelry is what is my downfall! This year I’m going to make it happen!!
I started yesterday with some beautiful white teeswater curls! These are EXTRA long locks.. you will be seeing lots of yarns, and some dyed locks coming to the shop soon!! I kept this yarn white, so I think I’m going to dye it now that it’s spun.  I also spun a beautiful batt I carded that was inspired by my Mom’s wedgewood collection.  Beautiful blues and white.  I finally spun some lock silky kid mohair locks into a textured single, then plied it with vintage wine mohair.  I did have 2 dyepots come out lovely, and got a batch of alpaca washed.

TdF Day 1 College

Day 1 Progress

This morning I spun a translucent corespun yarn from one of my fluffy cloud batts.  I also corespun a textured funky batt I carded in brilliant blues, chartreuse and browns. I added peacock blue sequins and then plied it with a sparkly novelty yarn.  I’ve just started working on the peacock teeswater locks that I dyed yesterday.  I have more alpaca in the wash, with a wensleydale/gotland/teeswater cold soaking and will be ready to wash later today or tomorrow.

Day 2 Morning

Progress for today

I do have a few more yarns planned, and the dyepots are steaming. It’s even supposed to get into the high 90’s today.. so there may be some solar dyeing on the schedule as well.

OH and the DISCOUNT that I mentioned!!  Restock your stash with a 10% OFF COUPON for the shop valid until 7/13!! Enter TDF2011 into the coupon box when you checkout on etsy for your discount!!
Happy Long weekend and TOUR SPINNING!!

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  1. awesome! I am intrigued by the translucent corespun?! I have never heard of that. Corespun yes, but not the translucent part. Is it a technique for the fiber prep, or is it a spinning technique?

    Your spinning is beautiful, and makes me want to practice everyday so mine can look like this!!!

    July 3, 2011
    • Hi Kelly-
      Translucent corespun is a corespinning technique that uses transparent fibers like mohair or wensleydale, spun very lightly around the core so it floats. Lexi explains it in her book “Intertwined”- it’s called ‘mohairy’. I will take some more photos as examples for you.

      July 21, 2011

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