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I’m in a new BOOK!

jazzturtle tailspun tailspin

I’m so excited because a wonderful book has just been released called Handspun; New Spins on Traditional Techniques by Lexi Boeger (Pluckyfluff) and you can see one of my FringeSpun yarns as the example of Extreme Tailspinning!

This is a wonderful book full of photos and patterns and of course new techniques! Everything from corespinning, to navajo plying (chain plying), tailspinning to big poofy bubbles! What is so fun is that this book encourages the spinner to embrace their creativity- combining techniques to create new and interesting textures. Coils and navajo plying, tailspinning and coiling..  your imagination is the fuel for new spins!   It’s such a work of inspiration! It’s also a wonderful showcase of our community! You can see yarns spun by some of the best fiber artists out there, and many of the coolest techniques are shared by the community- they don’t all come from Lexi!

You can order this book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or pick it up at your Local Yarn Shop.  We will have it available at the Trunk Show and Book Signing at Downtown Knits on Feb 17.   I will also have a few autographed copies available on etsy mid month (and at the Spring shows).  I will be updating the etsy shop next weekend with extreme fringespun yarns and batts perfect for these techniques (especially more Ethereal cloud batts for Mohairy yarns!)

I’m so excited! Oh, and my most favorite photo I took at last year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool of Lexi and Owen laughing and spinning is the first photo in the book! YAY! Spinning IS fun!!!

Thanks for everyone’s continued support! I can’t wait for the goodies 2012 is going to bring!!

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  1. I saw that your yarn was in the book when I looked through it-well done! I love the new stuff in the etsy shop-such lovely shiny locks!

    February 9, 2012

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