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A Thanksgiving Miracle- On the Schedule!

Posted by admin on  November 28, 2017
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It’s happened!! I finally got the date!! I’m ON the surgical schedule for 2017..  but the WHY is is a bit more than originally expected. December 28, 2017. That’s the date I’m going back into Duke Medicine for the surgery that is going to fix my leak, and get me on the road back to wellness. I’m a couple months
This week I got a chance to chat with the lovely Amy Small, of the awesome yarn company, Knit Collage, on her Podcast. It was serendipitous that our chat went live on Thanksgiving, because we talked quite a bit about celebrating life and being thankful for the things we have and love. We also talked about inspirations, , current reads,
When I got Alanna Wilcox’s new book, A New Spin on Color, I knew it needed a post. Since gifting season is upon us, over the next few weeks, I’m going to share some ideas and goodies that could be the perfect holiday gift for your favorite fiber artist (even if that’s yourself!!) I was so excited to get A
Tomorrow I turn 42, and it’s also the Jewish New Year.  A cycle completing, one year ending, another beginning.   A friend asked last week, if I had a good year? My first thought was, HOW is that even a question?!  until I thought a bit more…. I am shocked how emotional I am today.  The day I went to the

10 months Post Trauma Magic Words & New Fall Workshops!

Posted by admin on  August 8, 2017
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Last week was my 10 month “anniversary” of the Trauma.  I’m feeling stronger everyday- doing yoga regularly with a bit of cardio. I had an oncologist appointment, with CT scan and bloodwork last Wed.  The appointment was a good one, and my doctor said the magic words.. My labs showed only 2% of the aggressive cancer marker in my blood.
My friend, Amy King, posted yesterday about Community.  Our community. THIS community.  A Tribe of OUR PEOPLE!!   These are the people that come to our aid, when it’s just a question online, or if we need an extra gridwall at a festival…  They are the people we share our triumphs with, and they are the people that hold us up

6 Months Post “Almost Dead”; What a Long Strange Trip it is…

Posted by admin on  April 4, 2017
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Tonight at 11:30 pm is the anniversary of Bryan and I walking out the door for the ER at Duke Hospital (well, first to Mebane Urgent Care…thank all of the Everythings they were closed!). It’s been 6 months since I was almost dead, and I’m learning that this “recovery” is actually a long journey with twists and detours, road blocks

Not Dead Yet; Or, Ode to Hospital Food

Posted by admin on  December 27, 2016
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I know it's been quiet over here from the Jazzturtle camp.  It's been a crazy couple months, and  I have had quite a roller coaster ride! On Oct 5th, early in the morning my husband took me to Duke Hospital Emergency Room, because I had extreme abdominal pain.  After spending the night in the ER, and having many tests, I