Jazzturtle Hits the Small Screen!!

I’m so excited because  just had my big “TV” debut! Yesterday I was in Asheville filming for WLOS ABC Asheville’s news segment called “Craft Corner.

This was the coolest day! I got to film five segments for the program, that will air between now and Christmas. The first 2 segments I did were about spinning! I “carded a batt” (by that I mean, I carded the batt at home and left the fiber on the drum.. then on the segment I added a bit more fiber and then took the batt roughly off the carder.. in fact I didn’t even get the entire batt off! LOL!)  Then I spun on my Aura, a quick chunky single.  I also had out yarns and projects with textured handspun. The second spinning segment was on Tailspinning. I put out different example yarns and projects.  I also had different kinds of locks, with signs of what each one was. Then I sat at my wheel and tailspun! It was so fun! Both of these segments will air before SAFF


The last 3 segments were crafty projects using yarns. I did my yarn wreaths, frame weavings and then wrapped photo frames and vases. I picked these projects for the reason that they are so good for holiday decorations! I think they will get good views on the website.

I only got a few photos, but it’s just a teaser for the airings!!  I will keep everyone posted on the air dates as I get them. They will get posted on the WLOS website as well. For past segments, search “Craft Corner”. Lots of fun stuff on there!!

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