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Jazzturtle comes from the hands and mind of Esther Rodgers.  I am a creative fiber artist. I begin with raw wool, then wash, dye, spin and weave (and sometimes knit and felt) to make one of a kind textile art. I focus on spinning textured, non traditional yarns, as well as yarns with stories.  I am a full time fiber arts educator. I teach workshops around the world and have a new Craftsy class on Fiber Preparation, as well as 2 Interweave videos about Spinning Art Yarn, and How to Prepare and Spin fiber for different Striping patterns. I am a SAORI weaver, and enjoy constructing garments with my handspun and handwoven fabric.

The art of fiber is a progression – a journey from one form to another. Each step is a new chance for expression.
I create with a wild freedom that only raw fiber allows. By washing and dyeing all of my animal-friendly, farm-sourced wools myself, I gain full control of my textures and color. With my drum carder colors are blended to create a palette. With my spinning wheel, I use innovative techniques and materials to create yarns that function as art, yarn and couture. Each skein is a wearable piece of art, or can be hung on the wall and admired. Then, another step can be taken here with the spun yarn- -woven and knit into textile couture. Each step could be considered an end, or just a beginning.
I look for the extraordinary in fiber and what it can become. Whether spun into yarn, felted into cloth, or woven into a garment, I find the voice of the fiber and it tells me what it wants to be.

I was featured in the publication Spin Artiste. here


Browse some of Esther’s work at the Jazzturtle ETSY Store

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