Pluckyfluff is Coming to Town!

I’m SO excited to share with everyone.. I’ve been holding it in and I’ve wanted to burst! Now that the book is in final production I can spill a bit of the beans since I know it’s for sure happening….  I”M IN LEXI  BOEGER’S NEW BOOK!!  I’m so excited!!
You’ll be able to see one of my yarns in Lexi’s new book, along with a photograph I took of her and Owen Poad at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I’m just thrilled!!  So I won’t tell what kind of yarn.. you’ll have to see the book!!

Lexi’s new book is coming out in the fall.  To celebrate, we are going to have a triad workshop!!  We will have a trunk show (with my yarns and fibers, along with some of Lexi’s yarns) and a book signing on Friday night, Jan 27, 2012 from 6:30-9:30. Come for some snacks and bring some knitting or spinning and hang out.  Our workshop will be Sat and Sun, Jan 28-29 2012, from 10-5 each day. Both events will be held at DownTown Knits in Apex NC.   I’m excited!! We’re going to have a great time! It’ll be a weekend of creative spinning and carding! I hope you can join us!!

esther and lexi
SpinStars at Maryland

Registration begins Oct 27. You can email me at or to get on a waiting list to be notified when enrollment opens.  Spaces are limited to 16.  Workshop is $225- but is “Pay what you Can”  This means that if you can’t pay the entire amount, but you can bring a supplement (fiber to share, snacks to bring…) you can do so (but must email Lexi before you pay what you can)  Please know, however, that because this is a class with limited space, class spots will be given priority by enrollment payments.

Lexi in her new incredible handspun sweater-which was designed, created and SPINDLE SPUN from phatfiber samples by Jana Wooten (Chrome64 on Rav)