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Now that you have woven lots of cloth, what do you do with it? At some point you might want to go beyond scarves and shawls and wraps, towels and table runners and wall hangings. SAORI sewing brings the same philosophies we bring to weaving to our sewing. We celebrate the textures and unique qualities of our fabric. SAORI sewing is a lot like Origami of cloth. With mindful draping, folds and cuts we create garments that celebrate the one of a kind quality we each possess as weavers, while also creating as little fabric waste as possible.

SAORI patterns are written for the average Japanese sizing (140lbs, 5’4”) but designed to flatter and fit multiple body types and sizes. This is the beauty of SAORI sewing. I recommend if you are unsure of the size of the pattern to the fit of your cloth, to make a muslin first and adjust as necessary. If you are interested in taking your cloth to the next level, I offer a number of different garment design and making classes both in person and online.


Planning a Garment
In this class talk about how to weave cloth designed for a garment. Discussion of drape and warp spacing, as well as how to stay “in the moment” while

This class covers how to take cloth and decide what pattern works best. Also covers draping cloth. Bring cloth and your pattern books. Esther also shares finished examples of possible garments.

Sewing/Making a Garment
This class covers actual garment construction. Bring your cloth and chosen pattern to the class. We will cover how to cut your handwoven cloth and seams, as well as the skills your pattern calls for (arm/neck holes, hems, pockets). Classes can be as advanced as the pattern calls for. Can also be tailored to individual sewing techniques like zippers, waistbands and other skills.

Sewing/Making a Bag/Purse
Take your cloth and turn it into a bag or purse. Multiple styles available. Skills include construction, adding zippers, handles and using interfacing. Class can be as beginner or advanced as the pattern requires.

Bias Box Garment
This is a class that creates a garment using the bias box formula. Create a top, tunic or skirt on the bias. Skills covered are cutting your cloth, garment construction and shaping. Other skills are tailored to the garment, such as arm/neck holes, shoulder shaping and waist bands.

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Planning a Garment, Designing/Draping, Sewing/Making a Garment, Sewing/Making a Bag/Purse, Bias Box Garment