Exclusive Knitting Patterns
Written for and Featuring Jazzturtle Creations Handspun Art Yarns

Written for lockspun, tailspun or any textured superbulky handspun.

Breezy Shrug
By Esther Rodgers
Written for lockspun, tailspun or any textured superbulky handspun.

Written for bulky textured handspun and a skein of tailspun.

Tailspun Tease
By Esther Rodgers
Written for bulky textured handspun and a skein of tailspun.

By Vithard Villumsen
Written for corespun or textured handspun and a bulky commercial yarn like Mirasol, Uysha or Malibrigo Rasta.

Jazzy Scarf
by Susan Dingle
Written for textured art yarn and a coordinating thin yarn. Mohair is great, but any contrasting thin yarn works.

Spirited Sweater
By Susan Dingle
Written for tailspun and textured art yarns (NakedSpun and WildPlied) and commercial yarns. Designer used Berroco, Mohair and Tweeds.

By Vithard Villumsen
Written for cria alpaca tailspun or angora tailspun (Naked Spun) and Lotus mimi (mink) yarn. A heavier tailspun can be used if a heavier yarn is used.

Fringe Set- Cabled Eternity Scarf and Mitts
By Nancie McCraw
Written for extreme tailspun yarn (FringeSpun) and handspun or commercial yarn. One (1) skein of Fringespun for both mitts and scarf!

More exclusive patterns coming soon!

Other Suggested Knitting Patterns

For Using Textured, Corespun and Non-Traditional Art Yarns

The first column has some selected patterns from Etsy.

The second column is comprised of patterns found on Ravelry that you may enjoy. Some are free and some are for purchase and you have to be a member of Ravelry to access these patterns. If you aren't a member yet, the pattern library alone will knock your hand knit socks off!


Knitted Slouch Hat- by UniqueDesignsByKathy
Butterfly Lace Shrug- by LunaMuse Fibers
The Sandwich Cloche, Slouchy Beret- by LunaMuse Fibers
The Isis Cloche, Slouchy Beret- by LunaMuse Fibers
Driving Sideways Fingerless Gloves- by LunaMuse Fibers

Some wonderful patterns for handspun textured yarns can also be found in Intertwined and Handspun, both by Lexi Boeger.

Sexy Funky Knitted Shawl- by Chandi S.
Happy Hippy Shawl- by Gabrielle Vezina
** I knit this with a commercial yarn and my handspun. It was fun and looks great!
Corespun Shawlette- by Aimee Knerr
Handspun Delight Shawlette- by Susanne Visch
Monkey Wrap- by Shannon Herrick
Large Lace- by Caitlin Ffrench
Ovate- by Tori Gurbisz
Mermaid Cafe Cardi- by Cheryl Kubat
Lacey Art Yarn Scarf- by Dixie Grilley
Prism Shawl- by Tanis Fiber Arts
LaLa's Simple Shawl- by Laura Linneman
Wave Stitch Scarf- by Elise Miller
Double Drop Stitch Scarf- by Amy Davenport
Mile a Minute Scarf- by Turvid
Check-ed Neck-ed Scarf- by Angela Roberge
Horizontal Stripe bulky Scarf- by Jenny Turco
Tomato Vines Shawl- by Kathleen Rogers
Drop Stitch Scarf- by Christine Vogel
Waterfall Scarf- by Cosette Corneilus-Bates
Lighter than a Spiderweb Shawl- by Nangellini
Fall Scarf- by Splawn
Go Diagonal- by Sophia Kessinger
Lynx Headband- Lynn Vogel
Rhapsody Shawl- by Kelly Mac
Burrow Shawl- by Lisa Mutch
Amber and Onyx Wrap- by Jane Thornley
Paris Shawl- by Jamie Thomas
Glamour Shrug- by Kathleen Treanor
Ripple Drop Stitch Scarf- by Steph Thornton
Instant Gratification Scarf- by Cyn
Blitzen Scarf- by KnittingFever
Thruway Scarf- by Lynn Vogel
Lynx Scarf- by Lynn Vogel
Susan Scarf- by Kate Splawn
Art Scarf- by Ellen Mallett
Pixie Dust Earflap Hat- by Jenn Kinzel
Aria Wrap and Drop Stitch Scarf- by Susan Druding
One Hour Corespun Hat- by Shannon Herrick
Coils Hat- by Christine Long
Cloche for Art Yarn- by Gail Saxton
Art Yarn Mobius- by Karen Rummans
Art Yarn Cowl- by Dorothy Jane
Dropstich Art Yarn Cowl- by Julie Cleary
Cape n'Cowl- by Flossie Arend
Wrap it Up Cowl- by Polly Kramarsic
Romeo and Juilet Caplet- by Lynn Vogel