From the Hands and Mind of Esther Rodgers

Esther is a creative fiber artist, and is known for her innovative art yarns, and unique fiber preparation.  She begins with raw wool, then washes, dyes, spins and weaves (and sometimes knits and felts) the wool to make one of a kind textile art. She focuses on spinning textured, non traditional yarns, as well as artyarns with stories.

Esther loves to share her knowledge. She is a a full time fiber arts educator and teaches workshops around the world. She has written articles for PLY and SPINoff and is featured in books by Lexi Bieger and Ashley Martineau.

Virtually, she offers individual zoom workshops and group classes on an exciting variety of creative fiber art topics, has a Craftsy class on Fiber Preparation, as well as 4 Long Thread Media videos about creative and art yarn spinning, expressive weaving and color blending . Esther is a SAORI weaver and has a certified SAORI studio. She enjoys designing and constructing garments with her handspun and handwoven fabric, and loves teaching classes based on the SAORI principles and techniques.

Artist's Statement

"The art of fiber is a progression; a journey from one form to another. Each step is a new chance for expression. I create with a wild freedom that only raw fiber allows. By washing and dyeing all of my animal-friendly, farm-sourced wools myself, I gain full control of my textures and color. With my drum carder, colors are blended to create a palette. With my spinning wheel, I use innovative techniques and materials to create yarns that function as art, yarn and couture. Each skein is a wearable piece of art, or can be hung on the wall and admired. Then, another step can be taken here with the spun yarn; woven and knit into textile couture. Each step could be considered an end, or just a beginning. I look for the extraordinary in fiber and what it can become. Whether spun into yarn, felted into cloth, or woven into a garment, I find the voice of the fiber and it tells me what it wants to be."

Esther Rodgers
Creative Fiber Artist