Creative Spinning Classes


Esther teaches dozens of spinning classes and topics. One on one virtual sessions or group sessions can be tailored to the students needs. If you don’t see the exact topic you’d like to have taught, shoot over a message. One Session. 40 minutes. $30 plus materials. Buy 4 Get 1 Free! Select from the following class topics:


The structure and technique to creating a functional sound yarn. Includes how to add in embellishments like feathers, sequins and ribbon. Kits available.

Corespinning Over Structural Cores – Elastic, Wire and Lightwire
Expands on corespinning technique to be used over structural cores. Includes techniques to make wearables right off the wheel.

How to spin locks using 5 different techniques.

Textured extreme plying techniques. Coils, bobbles, beehives, twists and stacks are included.

Layered Plying – Crepes and Cables
The rules of layered plying are tested then going extreme layered.

Boucle Study – The Effect of Textured Singles in a Boucle
Once you know the rules of the layered ply, begin to explore how you can manipulate them. This class takes the boucle texture through 2 nontraditional single structures- corespun and thick and thin. See what happens when you apply different techniques to different structures.

Intentional Art Yarn and Design – Spin a Story
Explore the difference between creative yarn and true art yarn. Learn how Esther plans her concept yarns- she will shre her brainstorming and mapping process and how she collects supplies and designs an art yarn.

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Class Topic

Corespinning, Corespinning Over Structural Cores, Tailspinning, Wildplying, Layered Plying, Boucle Study, Intentional Art Yarn & Design

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One Class ($30), Buy 4 Get 1 Free ($120)