Expressive Weaving Classes


Bring mindful intention and a sense of adventure to your loom as you explore all the possibilities of expressive weaving on a rigid heddle loom.  One on one virtual sessions or group sessions can be tailored to the students needs. If you don’t see the exact topic you’d like to have taught, shoot over a message. One Session. 40 minutes. $30 plus materials. Buy 4 Get 1 Free! Select from the following class topics:


Indirect Warping with Spacing Variations
Learn how to indirect warp your Rigid Heddle loom using spacing variations to add interest and pattern.

Creative Weaving within Plain Weave Structure
Learn creative and textural weft techniques to take your plain weave to the next level. Techniques span across the spectrum of weaving. Inlay, shapes, holes, ruffles… possibilities are endless Topics can be led by the desire of the student. Maybe you have seen something on line or socials you want to try? Let’s work it out.

Weaving with Unseen Fiber
Explore all the possibilities with weaving with unspun fiber. Techniques include how secure locks in your weaving so they don’t fall out, how to use roving/top as a textural element, and how to use rolags as yarn.

3D Weaving Explorations
See the possibilities of weaving three dimensional structure on your two  dimensional loom. With clever warp and weft pattern, watch your cloth pop into dimension when you take it off the loom.

Sewing Handwoven Cloth
Shake the fear of cutting your cloth and take your weaving to the next level by learning how to sew your handwoven cloth. Classes can be tailored to the experience of the student. Start with pillows, then move to garments!

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Class Topic

Indirect Warping, Creating Weaving, Weaving with Unseen Fiber, 3D Weaving Explorations, Sewing Handwoven Cloth

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One Class ($30), Buy 4 Get 1 Free ($120)