I Am Connected to Mother Earth

I celebrate my connection to Mother Earth. I feel her energy flow through me as I plant my roots and grow towards the sky.


Tree Agate:
Stone of Plenitude
Brings Abundance throughout life
Strong connection with Mother Earth
Encourages remaining centered in times of confusion
Brings Stability
Helps remain connected to your roots throughout life
Resonates with anything that branches within the body (blood vessels, nerves.. etc)

Culpite Jasper:/Kambaba Jasper:/Tree Line Jasper: (green jaspers)
Heals and releases disease
Balances out parts of your life that have taken energy from other parts
Stimulates heart chakra
Reduces toxicity and inflammation
Supreme Nurturer
Unifies all aspects of life
Brings tranquility- supports during times of stress
Balances the body
Provides protection
Imparts determination to all endeavors
Encourages honest self reflection, aids quick thinking, and promotes perseverance
Stimulates imagination and transforms ideas into action
Supports during prolonged illness and re-energizes the body.

Ignites the potential and creativity of the soul
Enhances self esteem, self worth and self actualization
Gives strength to deal calmly with challenges
Helps process the past, brings things to a resolution and encourages moving forward
Facilitates emotional release

Peruvian Opal:
Stimulates originality and Dynamic creativity
Enhances self worth, helps understand full potential
Brings spontaneity

Green Aventurine:
Boosts creativity, inspiration, and mental clarity.
Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness
Enhances prosperity and brings career success.
A gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calm and balance and enhances happiness.
Helps one to see alternatives and potentials in all situations

Tiger’s Eye:
Brings out integrity
Protective stone
Grounding and balancing
Encourages commitment- assists in accomplishing goals
Alleviates depression
Increases self worth
Unblocks creativity
Facilitates Manifestation
Helps recognize your needs vs the needs of others
Aids in recognizing own talents as well as faults that need to be changed

Most Efficient healer
Protective and Purification stone
Enhances Intuition and Meditation
Releases old vows, inhibitions and prohibitions
Allows the soul to express Truth and achieve self realization
Unites earth and sky, bringing balance and aligns chakras
Assists problem solving
Aids creative expression
Brings inner calm, stabilizes mood swings and lifts depression.