I Am Divine

I am a divine being. I am inspired and inspire as I move through the ebb and flow of life.


Pink Opal :
Stimulates originality and Dynamic creativity
Aids in accessing and expressing the true self
Intensifies emotional state and releases inhibitions
encourages putting out positive emotions

Royal Plume Jasper:
Grounds and Aligns chakras and balances energy
Brings emotional stability
Supreme nurturer stone
Boost courage and purpose
Encourages honesty
Stimulates imagination and creation

Rose Quartz:
Unconditional love and infinite peace
Most important crystal for the heart
Draws off negative energy- replacing it with light.
Encourages self forgiveness and acceptances, and invokes self trust and self worth
Calming and reassuring- excellent for use in trauma
Powerful emotional healing stone- comforts grief
Soothes internal pain, Brings deep inner healing and self love
Restore trust harmony and encourage unconditional love in existing relationships

Strawberry Quartz::
Draws away negative energy
Helps identify higher purpose

Lepidolite :
“Stone of Transition” releases old patterns and helps move forward into the future.
Helps focus on the important and aids in stress reduction.
Dissipates negativity, clears blockages and opens the throat, heart and third eye chakras Encourages self empowerment and aids turbulent sleep.
Supports independence and achieving goals
Stimulates the intellect, objectivity and concentration

Protective and Powerful stone- with a high spiritual vibration and stimulates intuition.
Encourages focus and understanding.
Promotes emotional centering, calms anxiety and blocks negative energy
Enhances memory and motivatio