I Am Driven by Purpose Mala

I am driven by passion and purpose. There are no limits to what I can achieve.


Lapis Lazuli:
releases stress, bringing deep peace.
brings harmony and deep inner self-knowledge,
encourages self-awareness,
allows self-expression and reveals inner truth,
stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity,
assists to confront and speak one’s truth
inspires confidence.

Energy Shield- blocks out negative energy
facilitates tapping into potential
Relieves anxiety and frustration
Boots self confidence and self worth
Improves memory
Stone of that “holds the idea of perfect health and well being”

Never needs cleansing- grounds negative energy
Cleans the chakras- especially solar plexus
Teaches how to manifest success, wealth and prosperity
Imparts Joy
Raises self esteem and self confidence
Enhances individuality
Improves motivation
Activates Creativity
Encourages self expression
Makes one less sensitive to criticism
Promotes enjoyment of new experiences
Develops positive attitude- go with the flow
Brings emotional balance