I Am Limitless – Full Moon December

I trust my abilities and have faith in myself. I Am Limitless. Sold. Can be re-created in any style. This piece can also be create as a half or quarter mala, or bracelet/bracelet stack


Protective Stone- raises consciousness and deflects negative energy
Stimulates intuition, contemplation and introspection
Banishes fears and insecurities
Strengthens faith in the self
Brings contemplation and introspection
Imparts strength and perseverance- useful through times of change.

Clear Quartz:
“Master Healer” stone- absorbs, amplifies, stores and regulates energy.
Draws off negative energy heighten the effect of other crystals around it
Aids concentration and brings the body into balance

Black Tourmaline:
Grounds energy- Connects with Root Chakra
Clears negative thoughts, relieves stress
promotes a sense of power and self-confidence
purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts

Tourmaliated Quartz:
Brings together properties of quartz and tourmaline
Strengthens the body’s energy field and deflects negative energy
Turns negative thoughts and energies into positive ones
Harmonizes polarities and brings balance

Black Agate:
Grounding- brings balance
Soothing and calming
Facilitates self acceptance
Builds self confidence
Improves concentration, perception and stimulates practical solutions
Raises consciences leading to inner stability
Dissolves internal tension, creating sense of safety
Heals inner anger, fosters love and the courage to begin again
Encourages speaking personal Truth

stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.
Focuses energy and emotions balancing the spirit
Grounding and protection
Boosts confidence

provides support in stressful times
imparts self confidence and strength
Promotes stamina
Imparts self control
Balances the system- integrates dualities within the self
Absorbs energy from the universe necessary for healing

Golden Obsidian:
Stone without boundaries or limitations
Truth enhancing
Encourages personal growth
Provides deep soul healing
Protective-forms a shield against negativity
Clears energy and emotional blockages
Urges exploration of the unknown, opening new possibilities
Brings clarity to the mind
Enhances self awareness
Promotes compassion and strength

Lava Stone
Grounding- Root Chakra
Calming, reduce anxiety
Amplify positive energy

Knotted in the Tibetan style with 108 stones, and a marker stone after each 27th- as a reminder to your place within meditation.
Side marker stones are raw black tourmaline, half marker is a vintage clear quartz.
Guru stone is a labradorite nugget.