I Am Rooted

I celebrate my connection to the Earth. I feel her energy flow through me as I plant my roots and grow towards the sky.


Most Efficient healer
Protective and Purification stone
Enhances Intuition and Meditation
Releases old vows, inhibitions and prohibitions
Allows the soul to express Truth and achieve self realization
Unites earth and sky, bringing balance and aligns chakras
Assists problem solving
Aids creative expression
Brings inner calm, stabilizes mood swings and lifts depression.

Rudraksha Seeds:
Encourages the state of living in the present
Bring Clarity
Heighten Intuition
Help control stress
Protects from negative energy and removes energetic obstacles

Smokey Quartz:
Grounding and Anchoring
Relieves stress, lifts depression and brings emotional calm
Neutralizes negative energy
Helps leave behind what no longer serves
Aids self acceptance
Promotes concentration
Gives clear insight
Neutralize fear of failure

African Turquoise (Green Jasper):
Heals and releases disease
Balances out parts of your life that have taken energy from other parts
Stimulates heart chakra
Reduces toxicity and inflammation
Supreme Nurturer
Unifies all aspects of life
Brings tranquility- supports during times of stress
Balances the body
Provides protection
Imparts determination to all endeavors
Encourages honest self reflection, aids quick thinking, and promotes perseverance
Stimulates imagination and transforms ideas into action
Supports during prolonged illness and re-energizes the body.

Calming- reduce stress and quiet overactive mind
Activate Throat Chakra
Boosts courage
Sharpens intuition, promotes self expression and clarifies perception
Encourages self empowerment, empathy and inner balance.

Clear Quartz:
“Master Healer” stone- absorbs, amplifies, stores and regulates energy.
Draws off negative energy heighten the effect of other crystals around it
Aids concentration and brings the body into balance

Cultivates Joy
Connected to light-brings the regenerative power of the sun
Clears chakras
Facilitates self empowerment and independence
Lifts mood
Reverses feelings of failure
Increases feelings of self worth and confidence
Good for empaths- helps create energetic boundaries from people that drain energy
Helps empower “saying No” when the wearer is always doing for others
Very helpful for seasonal affective disorder- bringing light into the winter

Provides deep emotional healing
Promotes intuition and empathy
“Stone of New Beginnings”- draws out old patterns so they can be changed
Reminds us that everything is a cycle of change
Promotes inspiration and inner growth
Calms emotional triggers and stress

Crazy Agate:
Facilitates self acceptance
Grounding, bringing balance
Builds self confidence
Heals inner anger, fosters love
Improve concentration and perception
Encourages speaking ones truth

White Opal:
Stimulates originality and Dynamic creativity
Enhances self worth, helps understand full potential
Brings spontaneity

Fire Agate:
Deep connection to the earth
Builds a protective shield around the body
Fires up the base chakras
Encourages introspection
Aids relaxation
Create balance and harmonize the chakras
Facilities self acceptance and self confidence

Brings body into balance- masculine/feminine energies, mind/body energy
Helps see both sides of a problem/different points of view
Assists in manifesting universal love
Alleviates worries and fears
Dispels negative energy
Boosts loving communication
Stimulates Intuition

Symbol of Purity
Activates heart chakra
Protective stone
Attracts good luck
Promotes self sufficiency
Releases negative thoughts, helps emotional release and soothes the mind
Stimulates ideas and creativity
Assists in recognizing that you are on a journey