I See Mala

I am a devine being. I am fully present and connected to my inner vision.


Provides deep emotional healing, promotes intuition and empathy
“Stone of New Beginnings”- draws out old patterns so they can be changed
Promotes inspiration and inner growth

“Stone of Transition” releases old patterns and helps move forward into the future.
Helps focus on the important and aids in stress reduction.
Dissipates negativity, clears blockages and opens the throat, heart and third eye chakras Encourages self empowerment and aids turbulent sleep.
Supports independence and achieving goals
Stimulates the intellect, objectivity and concentration

Protective and Powerful stone- with a high spiritual vibration and stimulates intuition.
Encourages focus and understanding.
Promotes emotional centering, calms anxiety and blocks negative energy
Enhances memory and motivation
Strong healing and centering powers, enhances spiritual awareness and insights
Facilitates decision making process
Alleviates sadness

Radiates peace and connects to universal love
Enhances creativity
Encourages self expression
Reduces stress related anxiety
Facilitates introspection
Purple Pearl:
Boost Creativity
Grounding and Centering
Balance Karma

Stone with pure vibrations- sometimes found with a Buddha formation within the crystal that draws enlightenment
Accesses higher state of meditation
Facilitates deep change- allows for leaving the past behind
Access inner guidance
Brings patience and peace of mind
Karmic Cleanser

Calm emotion
Soothe anxiety
slow the overactive mind and help to achieve a deep and restful sleep
Encourage emotional expression and assists in the release of pain

Clear Quartz:
“Master Healer” stone- absorbs, amplifies, stores and regulates energy.
Draws off negative energy heighten the effect of other crystals around it
Aids concentration and brings the body into balance

Rudraksha Seeds:
Encourages the state of living in the present
Bring Clarity
Heighten Intuition
Help control stress
Protects from negative energy and removes energetic obstacles

The scent relaxes the mind and invokes tranquility
Boosts trust and self identity

Root Chakra:
Ayurvedic healing tradition increases energy and self esteem