Washing, Dyeing and Fiber Prep Classes


One Session. 40 minutes. $30 plus materials. Select from the following class topics:


Washing Fleece
Learn how Esther washes wool and other fleeces she gets from the farms.  She’ll share her tips and tricks for keeping the locks in tact, and not felting the fiber.  She will also spill her secrets on cleaning extra dirty fiber.

Intuitive Dyeing – Low Immersion
Esther is an intuitive dyer. That means she has more than 10 years of experience with color theory and dyeing fiber, and she  uses that experience to  predict how color will act in the pot. Her dyepots, though can be recreated to be similar, they are all one of a kind.  These classes work though her experience and share her trips and tricks for dyeing.  Included are how to dye long locks, and how to dye locks in the grease.

Fiber Preparation
Esther is known for her unique fiber preparation. She loves to challenge spinners and weavers to go outside their box with confidence, using their tools to the maximum potential.

Unlock the Spectrum
Blending the rainbow with only the primaries, white and black- using hand combs or hand cards. 

Making “Art Batts”- Textured Creative Carding
How to card fiber keeping texture, without damaging your tools.  Creative carding using a drum carder or blending board.  Can be tailored to the tools the students have.

Making Gradient Batts and Fiber for Fractal Spinning
How to create batts with progressive colorways and fractal spinning.  -Creative carding using a drum carder or blending board.  Can be tailored to the tools the students have.

Creative Combing for Color Placement – Stripes and Layers on a Hackle
Explore the creative ways to use a hackle for different color placement in your combed top.

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Washing Fleece, Intuitive Dyeing, Fiber Preparation, Unlock the Spectrum, Making Art Batts, Making Gradient Batts, Creative Combing

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One Class ($30), Buy 4 Get 1 Free ($120)